Once in a while you stumble upon something simple – such as an everyday man-made structure – that takes you back to life’s basics.

Take Bridge Day that’s celebrated in West Virginia, for example. On the third Sunday of October each year, the New River Gorge Bridge plays host to the world’s greatest extreme-sports event. In six hours, a total of 450 junkies brave the adrenaline surge that comes from BASE jumping from a steel arc peaking at 265 metres above the ground…

See, it may take a lot to drag you over the seas for a terrifying challenge, but it certainly doesn’t take much to make you think: Seriously, when was the last time I did something for the first time?

Isn’t it so that each risk we take is a building block that propels a fulfilled journey, a rollercoaster ride of a life loaded with both ups and downs and smiles and frowns? Experiences, good and bad, won’t (and should never!) be forgotten. Why? Experiences evoke feelings and feelings remind us of what we essentially are. See, each curve life throws our way – be it either sought after or rather wished away – reminds us to be human and to feel it all. Whether you’re concerned with your personal or professional life, taking chances as calculated risks ensures any insecurity about growing stagnant is exchanged for some wisdom and a medal of human honour.

Considering Bridge Day that took place on 17 October last year, it’s quite inspiring knowing people the world over will continue, in 2016, to celebrate us humans’ shared ability to experience a million sensational things in a single moment. This event records a day in the year when a search for that next-level kind of emotional activation is underway. Uncertainty, impulse, anxiety, strength, success, bliss…

…While most of us crawl to reach it, others leap to grab it.

What’s your strategy?

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