Towards the end of November, we’ll be kicking off 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women & Children as a reminder that abuse should not be tolerated in our communities. Many South African women find themselves at the receiving end of others’ aggressive behaviour, and children easily fall victim to violent crimes. It’s worrying that many of these children experience violence at school and suffer at the hands of their primary caregivers due to neglect and other forms of abuse – emotional, physical and sexual.

TV shows like LA Law from back in the good old 80’s and others like Boston Legal created the perception that courts are mostly filled with rich businessmen fighting over shareholding or husbands and wives who cannot reach a common ground during a divorce battle. As attorneys we however see another group who frequent the courts – the men and women who dedicate their lives to women and children who have fallen victim to abuse. I’ve seen many Social Workers patiently waiting in the passageways to get their chance to plead for a child’s safety.

Today I’d like to tilt my proverbial cap in honour of these unsung heroes who have chosen to respond to an unusual calling – one of always putting others before yourself. Those who live 16 Days of Activism against women and child abuse, 365 days a year.

People like the dedicated team at the CMR whose passion to reach out to others is nothing short of inspiring. At Fuchs Roux Inc we are fortunate enough to see how they use the law to protect the innocent by implementing the Children’s Act in all their dealings to support those who find themselves helplessly caught up in dangerous situations. Their dedication protects 1000s of children and empowers women to remove themselves from abusive circumstances every year.

We can most definitely show our support for 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children, but perhaps the most we can do during this time is to spare a thought for those live the mantra every day. Those who take the time to wait patiently in the passageway to give a child a voice in court and to give that child hope that all their days can be filled with laughter and love just as it should be.

You can help these unsung heroes in various ways. Visit the CMR website to see how you can help them take a stand against women and child abuse.